Twilight Hockey

Bay of Islands Super 8 Hockey Rules

  1. Time Slots 6.00pm and 7.00pm.   50 minute time slot – 22 min halves with 2 minute half time
  2. Goalies: Encouraged to but not required to play a goalie but if you do not play a goalie then you have no goalie privileges.

This game format has been created to provide an alternative to Twilight Hockey; the rules are designed to make the game fast and exciting whilst still providing as much safety as possible. Bay of Islands Hockey would appreciate any constructive feedback that you may have regarding the rules.

  • Scoring: Goals may be scored from inside the 23. One point for a field goal, off a long corner, from a PC and stroke goal.
  • Penalty Corners: 3 defenders back behind goal line and 5 at halfway. Attackers are all outside the 23. 1 attacker playing ball from long corner spot and ball must travel outside of the 23. Once ball is played from long corner spot defenders can move. Game on, play hockey.
  • Long corners: Ball is taken back to 23 line in line with where it crossed the backline. All players must be 5 metres away, ball must be passed and travel 5 metres. No auto-pass option on long corners. No direct pass from an attacking long corner from the 23 into the attacking circle (safety).
  • As we use the 23 area as the goal scoring area, any defensive infringements in this area will result in a penalty corner being awarded to the attacking team.
  • Any infringements in the 23 area by the attacking team, is a free hit to the defending team, and will be taken from the 23 line and not the 16.  Ball over backline is a re-start at the 23 also.
  • Goals can be scored from inside the 23. Ball must hit the backboard when sweep hit, hit or drag flick from outside the circle (the exception to this is an overhead shot, although the danger rule will apply). Goalkeeper rights now to extend to the 23 line.
  • Restarts from the sideline may be taken anywhere back down the line from where the ball went out. The intent of this rule is to keep the game flowing and allow hits to be taken quickly (no deliberate taking the ball back down the field will be allowed).
  • If the ball goes over the sideline in the attacking 23, the restart can be in close proximity to where the ball went out. However, if a player chooses to restart and play the ball outside of the attacking 23, he or she loses the auto pass option. No auto-pass option in attacking 23. No direct pass from an attacking free hit inside the 23 into the attacking circle.
  • Free hits can be taken anywhere back down the line from where the penalty was awarded.
  • All other rules are standard FIH rules. Please note no stick over the shoulder rule applies.
  • We intend to supply umpires, however teams may on occasion be required to provide an umpire for the game following their game or when assistance is deemed necessary by the competition manager.
  • Draw will be available on this Bay of Islands Hockey Facebook page once created.

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