Year 7 & 8 Representative Notice


Hello everyone

I have great news  Caryn Paewai has agreed to be our girls year 7 & 8 coach again this year.

She is keen to get started on Wednesdays from 4:00pm-5:30pm on 

Dates she will be at Kaikohe’s Top Energy Hockey Turf for training:
22nd Feb 2017
1st March 2017
29th March 2017
5th April 2017
12th April 2017
If you are a year 7 & 8 and are keen to be in BOI Hockey BOYS or GIRLS represenative team, you need to be at this pre season training.  Please fill in the registration form below so that we can let Caryn know who will be attending.  We are also asking that you bring a gold coin so that we can give Caryn some help with petrol as she is going to a great effort to get here and give her time as a volunteer to our our young people.


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